These unique cards have, as their purpose, to give an answer to “RELEVANT’’ and urgent questions that persons, far and wide, are asking in our contemporary society.  The answers given in these appealing cards are admittedly and unashamedly ‘Christian’ in their orientation, and Biblically-grounded in their understanding.  There is a serious attempt to be empathetic and genuinely caring towards the readers!  Realistic but yet very optimistic and hopeful in the general outlook on corporate and personal life – life which is wrought with multiple problems!  There is a wide range of offered subjects, in terms of the great variety of individual card titles.

It may, or it may not, be apparent to you that there is a three-fold use of the name ‘Christian’ in this web site.  First, the last name of the founder of this company is ‘Christian’. Ron Christian, who is the writer of all the 270 available cards and 45 additional ’free’ Bonus Cards.  Second, the ‘Faith’ which the writer has accepted as his own personal ‘Faith’, is the ‘Christian’ Faith.  Someone rightly said, “Christianity is Christ”!  The writer is a sincere (but yet imperfect) follower of Christ, and he has been most of his long life!  Third, the name ‘Christian’ appears in the title name of this company, which distinctively describes the nature and the philosophy of the Company (i.e., ‘Christian’ in orientation, rather than merely and typically ‘secular’ in orientation).

Each card is interesting, ‘RELEVANT’, and very engaging, abundant in content, and very ‘Christian’ in outlook, very ‘personalized’ and ‘inspirational’, very ‘uplifting’ and personally ‘affirming’, very ‘reliable’ and very ‘balanced’ in application!  

The cost of these cards is comparable to the cost of most other available (secular) cards, but the purchaser of these special cards will “get much more for his money”!  Not only is there much more actual content in these cards, but the content in these cards is distinctively ‘Christian’ (covering a wide range of ‘RELEVANT’ topics)!  Compared to other cards, these are useful as gifts to a larger range of recipients (to both ‘believers’ and ‘non-believers’). Because these cards have ‘Biblically-grounded’ depth in content, many receivers of these cards (as gifts) will probably read these thought-provoking cards, over and over (and may even cherish them among their special belongings).

The front cover of each card contains a very interesting and thought-provoking ‘Question’.  On the inside cover are thoughts that  lead us to answers.  On the right side of the card appears (in bold letters) at the top-of-the-page “Time For A Little  Insight”.  


These ‘’Relevant Christian Cards’ deal with a large variety of practical ‘life concerns’.  Each of the 270 cards (17 categories) are carefully composed, with the main concern that the several (diverse) themes give ‘relevant Christian-oriented information that leads to personal reflection and to personal heart-searching -  with the possibility (through the printed prayers) that hungry souls will be ‘fed’, that confused minds will be enlightened, that broken hearts will be healed, that guilt-ridden lives will be forgiven, that weakened wills will be strengthened and guided! 

Information, Inspiration, Motivation, Transformation – are worthy goals for “’Relevant Christian Cards”!

No apology is made for the amount of  ‘material’ in each card, or the degree of depth by which each ‘Big Question’ is addressed.   These cards were not designed primarily to entertain or to give ‘shallow’ or merely ‘sentimental’ answers to the questions of life (i.e., to the very serious questions that come from the broken hearts and the weary souls of countless persons in our confused and God-hungry world).  Practically everyone in our world is desperately seeking answers to life-and-death issues!  Issues such as  ‘Who Am I’??  ‘Why am I Here?’  ‘What Purpose Is There In Living’? ’How Can I Be Relieved Of My Constant Guilt’s and Fears?’  ’Can I Experience a Meaningful and Personal Relationship With God?’  ’Can My Life Find Purpose and Significance?’  ‘’Where Is Strength Found To Overcome My Bondages and My Sins?”  “Can I Find Victory Over My Multiple Problems In Relationships, Such As My Problems With Resentments?” “How Do I Relate To The World Of Matter, Without Becoming Greedy?” “Can I Experience Assurance That I Will Go To Heaven When I Die?”

These are only a few of the many questions that are addressed in the 270 Christian Cards! “’Relevant Christian Cards” are divided into 17 categories, and these cards can helpfully be used in a variety of ways such as the annual holidays, birthdays, sympathy, and many, many more.  Use them for your own edification and contemplation, and also use them as gifts to your friends and loved ones.  Even for witnessing!  Great Cards!  Try Them!

Enclosed is a list of 17 main categories that are offered at this time, with 6 cards in each set pertaining to a particular topic. The actual title of each card is listed (in the form of the individual card’s “The bIG Question.  Some categories have only one set of six cards  available, and other categories have as many as 5 ‘sets’ available on the same general category.


On this page, a more complete answer is given in an attempt to answer the ‘Key Question’ of the card.  On the back page, there is “Time For Personalized Prayer.”Then, towards the bottom of this page, appear these words (in bold letters):  “Time For A Warm Affirmation”.  Within the compass of 1-2 sentences, the receiver of the card has the chance to read the affirming (loving) words and wishes which the giver of the card desires to communicate to the recipient of the card (a friend or a loved one).  There also appear a few cartoon (fun) figures in all these cards – to enhance the appearance and used to emphasize the content of each card.

It is the sincere hope of the founder of this company, and the composer of these many Christian-oriented cards (Ron Christian) that each of the 270 cards (covering 17 main categories) will be: (1) Informational, (2) Inspirational, (3) Motivational, and (4) Transformational.  Wrote one of the great New Testament writers, James, the brother of Jesus: “Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only!”  The truth of God (as shared in these many cards) is not meant only to ‘stimulate’ one’s mind and to satisfy one’s ‘religious curiosity’, but the truth of God, as presented in these cards, has as its goal to totally ‘transform’ one’s daily life.  Engaging the ‘mind’ – Yes!  Stimulating the ‘emotions’ – Yes!  But finally (and most importantly) transforming one’s life – i.e., enabling one (by the Holy Spirit) to change one’s attitudes and actions and desires and goals!  In short, cultivating a more Christlike character!  This is the primary goal that the founder of ‘’Relevant  Christian Cards’ had in mind when he chose (by God’s grace) to research and to compose these life-’RELEVANT’ cards.  May God use these cards (in many different ‘settings’) to bring blessing, comfort, insight, and transformation to multitudes of God’s precious people!

These  Christian Cards are intentionally designed to be very different than the typical (secular) cards!  These distinct cards are ‘solid’ in substance, spiritually enlightening, intellectually stimulating, ‘user-friendly’ and ‘practical’ in application to every day problems!  When the reader first observes, and then proceeds to read these unique cards, one might feel a little ‘overwhelmed’ by the ‘types’ of ‘Big Questions’ that are posed in these cards, as well as the thoughtful (mind-stimulating} answers that are given to these practical questions!  Why?  For the simple reason that the many cards that the reader has purchased (in the past and present) are oftentimes (not always) rather ‘shallow’ and rather ‘sentimental’ and rather ‘short lived’ as far as the content of the message is concerned. 


As stated above, each ‘set’ contains 6 cards (on the same general theme).  Of course, each of the six cards (in each set) has a specific “Big Question” that is addressed.  There may be a time when you (as purchaser) desire to order several copies of one specific card.  You, of course, may do so – as long as you order the one specific card in multiples of six.  Each ‘box’ contains 6 cards each and all specific (identical) cards must be ordered in multiples of six.

Carefully examine the following offered, broad selection of cards, according to the general (17) categories, and according to the specific ‘set’ of cards, that will meet your desires and your needs.  Thank You!  This company wishes, through these carefully prepared cards, to bless your own personal life, and also to provide you (the purchaser) with a ‘means’ of encouraging your family and friends – through the giving of these choice ‘Christian Oriented Cards’ as special gifts!  May you be blessed, and may you be a blessing to others. 

Attached is a detailed listing of the entire available card sets of 17 available categories.  The ordering information required is: What sets are being ordered, cost per set, postage and handling cost per order.  The form  requires your name, address where the cards  are to be sent  and form of payment (cash,  check, or money order).

Also, a detailed listing of all the individual cards included in the sets of ‘The Big Question’ are available  in all 17 categories!  There are many different categories of cards that are offered for your inspection and for gifts that will bless your friends and family.  There are 270 cards from which you will have great delight in choosing, and by which you have the opportunity to ‘reach out in love’ to those who are ‘Near and Dear’ to you!


Also, with each set ordered a compliment gift will be included—namely, a special ‘Word Picture’ card that likely will be a blessing to You!  This Bonus Card is included in each set—with No Cost  to You!